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Editor's Note

I picked the word Success for this issue on a whim due to the fact I had been mulling over success that morning on the walk to work. Once I chose it I realised that it is actually a pretty unhealthy private obsession of mine. I am forever questioning whether I am successful or not. I also contemplate whether friends, family, people I meet or people that I see in the street are successful.

I use all the traditional categories for my private success ratings. These are money, happiness, quality of work, quality of life, whether the person in question looks healthy, whether they have nice clothes, whether they are nice or funny or popular, whether they are in a relationship, whether the person they are in a relationship with is successful… Trying to aggregate all the scores for those categories makes it pretty hard to define what someone's overall ’success’ rating is. Especially when I am doing it on the fly, whilst watching them walk past me in the street. Do some categories carry more value than others? Do the weights those categories carry always stay the same for each person?... Hmmm.

Anyway, as I never have any luck defining success myself I thought I would ask a group of my favourite artists what success meant to them. I asked them to answer by contributing art and words to the first issue of a digizine... Ovi. They would surely be able to help me define what success is. I am glad to report that they did. Success is these guys and girls. The state of their work means that their scores in the rest of my idiotic success categories are meaningless. The fact that they have each created such interesting, unusual and personal work is a great success in my eyes.

So there it is. Success. I wanted help in defining what success meant and I got it. Hopefully you feel similarly and find the work produced as successful as I do and enjoy navigating your way around this strange digizine.

Will McLean - Editor